Dentists can face real competition when trying to advertise online or even traditionally! Since you already have a good base of repeat customers (who doesn’t want a happy smile?), you can use a combination of mobile marketing strategies for dentists that can help bring you in new customers, help you retain your current customers, and communicate with your audience like never before. Here, I’m going to explain why you need a mobile marketing strategy for dentists, how you can use it, and what benefits you’ll reap from implementing it.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is just where you can communicate with your customers (both present and future) with texts and mobile search. This means that you’re only talking to people who want to use your business, and not spamming any one. This gives you an advantage over the traditional form of marketing, where you fish for customers and hope someone bites.

What Is the Usual Mobile Marketing Strategy for Dentists?

Building a customer mobile marketing strategy for dentists is pretty simple, when you have a good understanding of how it works.
First, you’ll need to research your area. You can do this with a customer survey for a week or two of people coming into your office. Ask them if they use mobile search often, especially for local businesses. Ask how they found you in the beginning, so you can build on that to get new customers into your office. Also ask if they would be interested in receiving text messages from you periodically with tips for dental care or with specials that you’re running (free cleanings, cosmetic consultations, etc.)

What Are the Benefits of a Mobile Marketing Strategy for Dentists?

While you can just run headlong into your mobile marketing strategy for dentists, but you really need to be prepared beforehand, especially with your research. The benefits of a strategy are many fold, including:

  • Save time: Time is important, and your clerical staff shouldn’t be devoting a lot of time to marketing (calls, mailings), save money and be more efficient by making sure people can do their jobs.
  • Save money: you can run a mobile marketing strategy for dentists with a fraction of the budget that you would spend on other forms of advertising.
  • Bring in new business: reach a new market and new customers with mobile marketing.

If you’re not sure where to get started, you need a marketing company with the knowledge to get your mobile marketing strategy for dentists rolling. If you need help please contact us and we will work with you to help you tailor a plan that fits your budget.

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