We create and maintain one or more blogs for you. The search engines love blogs especially if they are updated regularly. We provide the expertise to set up an optimized blog, then create regular blog posts that are rich with your targeted keywords, then we publish and announce the new post to over 51 blog directories. Like article marketing, blog brings in customers not currently searching using search engines. It also helps you get ranked higher in search engines two, a two for one marketing technique, bringing in both direct traffic through readers reading the blog posts but also through improving your search engine rankings.

How to be Successful with Blog Marketing

When working on a campaign to establish your online presence and visibility, there are many kinds of marketing to choose from. Blog marketing is an effective type of internet marketing that will help you achieve your goals, maximizing your impact on a budget, and establishing your reputation as a reliable source of products or services. Here we’ll talk about what it is and how it works.

What is Blog Marketing?

A common question is what blog marketing is, and what are the benefits of it? Blog marketing is a type of advertising that goes directly through blogs and blog content, instead of nondescript links like PPC or Affiliate Marketing. Most blogs utilized for this are not major or corporate websites, but independent and reputable blogs that specialize in niches, or small markets like hats or a certain kind of sport. Advertising is usually purchased in the form of paid or incentivized reviews (letting them have, try, or use the product before you release it) or full post advertising.

How can Blog Marketing Help My Business?

But how is Blog marketing beneficial? Why is it any better than other types of internet marketing you can put your money into? First, blogs have a captive audience and by choosing wisely you can get feedback on your product and gauge your audience’s reception of the product. This helps you prevent a bad launch, and fix anything that you might need to before going through with a costly launch that won’t bring you any profit. It also generates a buzz, getting people excited to try your product before it even releases. Blogs have been an established marketing resource since 2006, so it has a proven history of results and success.

How an Internet Marketing Consultant can Help

You could do this all yourself, but do you really want to research what niche blogs would be right for your product, and take the gamble that you may have chosen poorly? If you want the best internet marketing experience possible, it’s a good idea to look into hiring an internet marketing consultant.

If you are interested in including Blog Marketing in your overall Internet Marketing strategy and would like us to do it for you please call us at 416-894-2745 or email us at BlogMarketing@LocalInternetMarketingToronto.com.

Monthly blog marketing service includes:
- Blog entries every week
- Topic selection based on your “money” keywords
- Eye-catching, attention-getting titles
- Call to action and links to your website
- Submission to over 51 blog directories

The best investment for your business and services could be to include article marketing in one of our online internet marketing packages. Please contact us to schedule free consultation which will determine the most suitable solution for your business.

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