Hello again. Our main focus is helping you, local business owner, with your internet marketing efforts, making it less painfull, more secure and more profitable. In the same time our goal is to make it easier and faster for your potential clients to find excelent products and the best services in their area. In other wordsa, helping your clients find you. Since we live in Toronto, we mainly work on Toronto Internet Marketing, but what works for small business owners in Toronto, will certanly work for any other city as well. We already proved that by working with small business owners in London, Ontario and other cities.

Today, we are going to talk about importance of keyword research and how this step is usually missed when planning internet marketing strategy.

Usually, the first thing most people do is pick a domain name they like and register a domain. Then they build a website and try to make it look the best it can be. They spend time and money only to find out that not many people came to visit. In order to increase traffic, they put a web address on brochures, business cards, letterheads and all other documents and forms. What this does is drive traffic from existing clients or prospects that already visited their store or office.

With the time, business owners realize that they need to do more internet marketing strategies and try to add meta tags, optimize title and content. What they don’t do is proper keyword research in order to see what people are searching for and optimize for these keywords, which will send the most traffic their way.

Imagine that you are optimizing your title, meta tags, content, blog for “Toronto dentist”, and you spend a lots of time and/or budget to do that. However, what if 1,000 people are searching for “Toronto dentist”, but there are 5,000 searching for “Toronto dental clinic”. What that means is that you could have 5 times more traffic and 5 times more profits with the same amount of time and money. In addition to this, there could be less competition for “Toronto dental clinic” and you could have much easier time getting your website found. And what if people searching for “Toronto dental clinic” are actually spending twice as much as people searching for “Toronto dentist”. Wouldn’t you like to know?

In conclusion, start your internet marketing campaigns with keyword research and use these keywords. In addition to looking at higher traffic (more searches) look at spending habits and identify “money keywords”. If you need any help with your marketing or have a question about Toronto Internet Marketing or internet marketing in any other city please do not hesitate to contact us.

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