While many small businesses have a website, according to a recent survey done by Hennerberg Group (internet marketing consulting firm), 28% of small business owners are not aware of how well their websites are performing.

Small businesses that are aware of internet marketing and are beginning to use it, admit that they need help with internet marketing. More than 40% small business owners admit that they need help with search engine optimization and other internet marketing strategies. 37% admit that they need help with social media platforms.

“The study reveals that small business owners realize they need small business marketing professional help to get better at marketing their business,” said Gary Hennerberg, president of Hennerberg Group.

The good news is that small business owners are starting to realize that time has come to replace some of the ineffective marketing efforts with online exposure. Of course the key to this is tracking and knowing what is no longer working. Without tracking (at minimum asking your prospects and clients where they heard from about you) you might not believe that Yellow pages ad you have been running for years is no longer working and that budget should be used for different marketing efforts.

One of the most cost efficient forms of marketing that helps small businesses increase visibility and sales is online marketing.

However, before you just jump in on all different internet marketing strategies, you should know what are the best ways for your new clients to find you. You will need to do proper keyword research, and find those keywords people looking for your product or service enter in search engines. Most importantly, you should find keywords people ready to buy your product or service use in their online search. That is a big difference. You definitely want to get buying visitors instead of window shoppers to your website. It could mean a difference of thousands of dollars each month.

You should start slow and track the progress. Implement one internet strategy at the time. First of all, check your current status and write it down. How many visitors are coming to your website? Where are they coming from? How many of them contact you?
Do analysis of your website. Second, find your “money keywords”. Then, pick one (the most promising) internet marketing strategy and implement it.

Another important thing to realize is that you should “Do what you do the best, and outsource the rest”. In other words, even though you or your employees can implement some of the internet marketing strategies, it is probably the best to focus on your business and let internet marketing professional help you implement internet marketing strategies. Feel free to contact us by email or by calling 416-894-2745 if you have any questions.

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