I’m sure you have already seen many of them. Those square little images on an ad or a magazine. The little square images that you can scan with your smart phone and be redirected to a website URL.

Here is an example:
QR Code Local Internet Marketing Toronto

QR stands for Quick Response.
In addition to website URL, QR Code can contain plain text, phone number, email address, text message and anything that can fit into 4,296 characters.

The best of all you can create your own very fast and for free. Just type “QR Code generator” in Google search and you will have a few options to choose from.

With more and more people having smart phones and using them all the time, importance of QR Codes becomes more important as well.

According to a study by comScore done in February 2012, more than 50% of Americans own smartphone. Most of them are between ages of 24-35. According to the same study, every fifth smartphone user scanned a QR code in a retail store in 2011. They even scanned QR codes at home, making QR Codes more important.

The thing is just because QR codes are important and you see them everywhere, it does not mean that they are always properly used. In the next posts we will try to go a bit deeper into proper use of QR Codes from a perspective of a small business owner who is trying to attract local customers with smartphones.