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How Do I Make My Internet Marketing Plan?

Internet Marketing Plan as any other plan needs to have some important questions answered. The most important ones are:
- How am I going to market my business?
- Do I have any online presence right now?
- What am I selling?
- How I am selling it?
- Who I am selling it to?
- How will my potential clients find me?
- Why would my potential clients think of me first when looking for my kind of product or service?

Based on these answers, you will create some action steps that need to be implemented. Your to-do list might consist of:
- Create my website
- Add blog to my website
- Add address and phone number to every page
- Create Twitter account
- Create Facebook account
- Optimize my website for search engines
- Position myself as an expert in my field
- Find an Internet Marketing Expert that can help you
- Write articles about your products and services
- Create videos and promote them to YouTube and other video marketing websites

Keep it simple in the beginning and keep adding more strategies and techniques as you progress.

Simply put, people need to be able to:

  1. Find You
  2. Connect With You
  3. Buy Your Product or Service

First of all, they need to be able to find you. You should plan to:
- be the first page of Google search results relevant to your keywords
- add your website to Local Search results
- add your website to relevant online directories and
- place some ads on Google or Facebook

Secondly, your clients should be able to connect with you. You can do that:
- By adding a blog to your website. Blog about your business, offers and promotions. Encourage feedback and get to know your customers.
- By adding feedback page to your website
- By adding newsletter subscription to your website
- By creating a Facebook business page

Thirdly, your potential clients need to buy your product or service. In order to do that, they need to trust you and believe that you are the real solution to their problems. How would they trust you?
- You have testimonials on your website
- You have written helpful articles
- You have videos with expert advice

Above are just some of the things to get you going.

Once you have written your Internet Marketing plan, start acting on it, but remember – everything starts with keyword research that will reveal your “money keywords”. These are the keywords people ready to start using your product or service type in search engines when looking for you. In other words, you could be trying to promote your “dental service” when you really should be just a “dentist” or another way around. This initial very important step could make or reduce your profits by hundreds thousands of dollars and save or waste months of your time dedicated to marketing your business. If you are not really sure how to do all this, I would strongly advise you to search help from your local Internet Marketing experts.

Even if you don’t sell your products or services online, you should have an internet marketing plan! Why? Your local customers or clients need to be able to find you, connect with you, and buy your products and services. These days most of it is done on the internet. People use internet to research anything from shoes fashion to buying houses. Your business is not an exception.

Let’s say that you are a dentist. Do you think you need internet marketing plan and web presence?
Of course you do. People are going to
- lookup services you provide,
- testimonials,
- reviews,
- staff working for you,
- any articles you have written,
- images,
- video
- and so on.

How will they find you? More importantly why would they think of you first when looking for your product or service? These are the questuions your internet marketing plan needs to answer.

How Long Will It Take Me To Create Internet Marketing Plan?

It really isn’t that complicated! Basically, you need to plan how you’re going to market yourself, and then take action and make your plan a reality. It is very important to implement your plan, no matter what product or services you are offering, and to create your online presence. As stated above the true purpose of an internet marketing plan is to have people think of you FIRST when looking for services you provide.